Thoughts of Philanthropy...

There are some global challenges that are not solvable through market solutions. Challenges that fall between the cracks of government safety nets and impact investments or social businesses. These are the challenges that need thoughtful philanthropic capital.

My hope is that by sharing my on-going journey in philanthropy I can inspire others to find their path to make the greatest difference in the causes they care about.

My suggestion would be to start by taking the time to identify the challenges that most resonate with you. Education, youth, social justice, health care, to name a few. From there, seek the most effective work out there to address these. Meet with these organizations, get involved, and volunteer. Look for organizations that have strong multiplier effects, be it by building infrastructure that catalyzes greater change, crowding in other capital or by forever touching hearts to advocate for positive change at all levels of society.

Included here are reflections of some of my favorite projects and causes.

With gratitude,

ICU Baby